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Where the creatures of myth lurk. Humans beware!
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Enchanted Dawn

Enchanted Dawn

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Character Info: ...Un-named at birth...due to his parents being assasinated...he was taken in by an Angel...brought up and trianed as one...he then began to sprout wings at the age of 20...and lived through years....watching people die...admiring the sky ..ocean...stars...moon...girls..clan battle each other...slaughter each other...murder and assasinate...
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PostSubject: ♥   ♥ EmptySun Jan 04, 2009 11:44 pm

Name: {Unknown} ♥️
Age: 20. Actual Age: 250
Appearance: (Picture Please) If you look to your left... you will see...
City: (Must Apply) Water
Species: Angels {Waiting for approval}
Rank: (Pick One: Aristocrat, Common, Former Human) Former Human
Ability: Wing’s fury-
While fighting, my wings might loose some black feathers from the harsh
movement or damage. These feathers rise to the heaven and I may choose
to make them come crashing down with tremendous force (much more than
you’d expect from a feather o.o) and lightning speed at any time from
the point at least one feather has risen to the sky. The more feathers
the more spiritual energy consumed.

Judgment at hand- I
glow in white and raise my wings. I quickly flap with them a few times,
making them loose many white feathers. The feathers rise to the sky in
high speed as the lost feathers on the wings regenerate at an instance.
From this point I’m may send down a much more vast, however weaker
series of these feathers. Although these feathers aren’t as powerful,
they are many, they are faster and each of them, if touched, inscribes
the mark of burden on that body part and of course inflicts good
damage, causes bleeding. This skill is usable once in battle as an
ultimate move.

Social Class: (Aristocrats & up: Upper Class, Common & down: Middle & Lower Class)

Stats: (One 9-10. All the rest 1-8.)

Speed: 10
Stamina: 7
Strength: 7
Power: 8
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Drake Malakai
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Drake Malakai

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Character Info: ♪It's not too late, its Never Too Late..♪
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