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 Drake's Forest

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Drake Malakai
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Drake Malakai

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Drake's Forest Left_bar_bleue5000000000000/5000000000000Drake's Forest Empty_bar_bleue  (5000000000000/5000000000000)

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PostSubject: Drake's Forest   Drake's Forest EmptySun Nov 30, 2008 7:49 am

The area is silent besides random animals running or flying past. Occasionally an odd sound may emit from a direction, but nothing much. The area is a merely a deep fog, and eyesight may only see about 3 ft ahead.
A cold chill runs down my back as the fog surrounds me. I hold a small key chained-flashlight down toward the book in my right hand. My eyes speed across the pages even through the sunglasses I have on for no apparent reason. In the story a boy named Blake finds himself, his friends, and brother trapped in an apparent dream amusement park. My head becomes dizzy as I read of them riding a rather tall Ferris Wheel named the Kamikaze. The book is titled: Full Tilt.
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Drake's Forest
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