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 city of fire info legends ect

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Nobunaga Oda
Demon King/Upper Class/Shadow Manip/City of Fire Leader
Nobunaga Oda

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PostSubject: city of fire info legends ect   Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:26 am


The city of fire has hardly any water within 30 miles however many lava rivers and valcanowa run through and are located near and in the city also they're are sevral tempals located within the city


cursed tempal
starting sevral years after nobunaga became lord of the city A area forbidden from entering has existed . anyone whos entered came back with a strange mark on there back or forhead . sevral days later people with this mark turned into half demons and attacked the city but were easely killed by nobunaga. The people of the city then began to wonder how the citizens turned into demons .

god of destruction arc 1
10000 years ago a demon appeared at the city with the power to destroy almost anything without even useing 1% of his power . The demon then destroyed the entire city as well as many others it even destroyed other demons. 2 years later almost the entire planet was filled with craters and destroyed buildings .
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city of fire info legends ect
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