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 On The Ocean's Edge

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Drake Malakai
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PostSubject: On The Ocean's Edge   Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:49 am

I stand there, watching the water ripple and sway as the moon pulls and pushes the tides. A loud crash of water at my feet and suddenly I am there-
-I am seven years old again, at the river bank. I am drowsy, as if I'd just been sleeping. I fall into the fast flowing river with no one to stop me. I drift along with the water, drowning with each passing moment. The water fills my nostrils as my heart begins to stop. The water below me suddenly fades away and I am falling backward, down and down. I scream, but no one hears. I flail in the air, as if hoping to fly but I can't. I am just about to hit the ground when-
-Reality hits and I am only standing on the ocean's edge again. A cold sweat is running down my face as I look around frantically, as if thinking I am still falling. I wipe the sweat off and begin to walk down the bank, trying to push the memory back as far as I can in my mind.
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On The Ocean's Edge
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