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 city of wind info

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jack tama

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PostSubject: city of wind info   Fri Dec 05, 2008 4:55 am

ok,the city of wind is known mostly by its leader,the greatest ilushonitist in the world,they love games,tricks,holidays and fun,their lybrary is full of silly stroys of monsters and heros and it also has much info on all the races,it has at least 100 books on any subject you can think of,and is protected by gards,but the only plase not this fun or exiding it the temple of lies!
the wall around it has no gate that one can see,only one with the "eyes of truth" in many legends can even see the gate,then he\she must open it

this place canm only be opend by 3 things,all 3 mjust happen to open the door into the temple,
first: there is a ruchual; circal,all candles must be lit at the samew time
second:useing the eyes of truth,one must pull the invissable lever
lastly,after both are done,hundreds of monsters will apper,and one must use the eyues of truth to see them,then kill them!

that is all the recorded histroy outside the wind city,one must see their leader to learn more
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city of wind info
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